Coco and Potato Face

Here is a picture of me and my new baby sister Clara. I am pointing at where her toes would be if she was not wearing pants with socks.

I have a name for my sister that I made up in my head and it is Coco. Mom and Dad thought that I was talking about something that they drink but I was talking about my sister. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I ask Dad where Coco is and she is usually still sleeping. Yesterday, Mom made up a new name for me and it is Potato Face. You would have mashed potato on your face too if you were eating it with your hands.

Also, I am wearing a sweater with a Tyrannosaurus Rex but mostly I like it because it covers my arms when it is cold outside.


Meet the Rest of the Family: Clara

I think Mom and Dad probably told you already, but I have a new sister and her name is Clara Jane and here is a picture of us watching Yo Gabba Gabba.  She is a baby. Mom and Dad say things like we don’t watch television in our house but whenever they get sleepy in the head they ask if I want to watch my show. Clara was asleep for the all of it even the part where they remembered what they did today and danced.

Clara makes a lot of noises and I can make some of them:



She seems to eat and sleep most of the time. Dad said it was okay to tickle her but she didn’t laugh, she just kept sleeping.

A History of Max Through Cell Phone Photos, Year 2, Part III

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More phone pictures that Dad took of me since my last birthday. More pictures of me eating!

A History of Max Through Cell Phone Photos, Year 2, Part II

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Dad took these pictures with his phone and sent them to Mom’s phone because Mom said she misses her Max when she is at work. Dad takes a lot of pictures of me eating because that is the only time when I am not blurry.

A History of Max Through Cell Phone Photos, Year 2, Part I

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I’m getting ready to have another birthday so I thought you might want to see how much bigger I am and how much longer and shorter my hair is since my last birthday. These are pictures that Mom took of me with her phone that calls Grandmas. I am usually very blurry because I move so fast.

I Like To Tell Good Jokes

In my room I have a shelf where I keep books to read and books that Mom and Dad can read to me before I go to sleep.  I thought it would be a good joke if I put one of Dad’s books in my bookshelf.  Dad laughed at me a took a picture with his camera and said that I am a really funny boy and that he probably wouldn’t read that book to me because it has inappropriate material.  I think inappropriate material means that it doesn’t have any pictures of what is happening.  Dad said that it’s probably a good thing that this book doesn’t have pictures because the man in the story is funny but disgusting.

Happy Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day!

Dad said you celebrate it by doing American things like going to see baseball being played even if it’s the Cubs and the Brewers and by waving a flag and wearing red clothes and blue clothes and eating lots of food that is not good for you.

I really like clapping for baseball because people with both colors of hats will smile at you.